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Barricaid in the News: New Surgical Device Helping Patients With Herniated Disc

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A new medical device is helping patients recover more efficiently from spinal injuries while also reducing the chance they return to the hospital. What You Need To Know Austin Rabah needed a discectomy after a sports injury, which is a spinal surgery on a herniated disc A herniated disc is when fluid […]

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Intrinsic announces publication of paper detailing the usage of annular closure with Barricaid in conjunction with tubular minimally invasive discectomy

Based on retrospective analysis of 60 patients treated with the Barricaid annular closure device, this analysis, titled: Implantation of a bone-anchored annular closure device in conjunction with tubular minimally invasive discectomy for lumbar disc herniation: a retrospective study examined the safety and viability of an annular closure device in limiting reherniation and reoperation in a […]

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Five Year Follow-Up of Level-1 Spine Study Confirms Long-Term Benefits of Barricaid® Disc Closure Device

BOSTON, MA – January 25, 2022 via PRNewsWire (Link) Intrinsic Therapeutics, Inc., a medical device company focused on preventing reherniation and reoperation following lumbar discectomy, today announced the publication in JAMA Network Open of the five-year follow-up results from its landmark clinical trial demonstrating that the use of Barricaid following discectomy is superior to treating […]

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Barricaid Webinars – Make the First Spine Surgery the Last

Barricaid is a proven technology that reduces reoperations for reherniations by 81% in a well-defined patient population. Learn about the clinical efficacy and superiority RCT for Barricaid from Oscar Yeh, Chief Operating Officer of Intrinsic Therapeutics, Inc in this payor-focused webinar, recorded on 12/9/21. For full benefit/risk information, please visit PPT22 Rev. A

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Lumbar Disc Herniation: What Stops It From Happening Again?

Thousands of people every year in the United States herniate spinal discs. The spine is cushioned at each bony level by an intervertebral disc, which acts as a shock absorber. When one of these discs ruptures or herniates, it can lead to a painful feeling in the back as well as radiating pain into the […]

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Barricaid selected as case study for evaluating strength of evidence for Health Technology Assessments

Barricaid was selected as a case study in evaluating strength of evidence for Health Technology Assessments due to its superior clinical outcomes, favorable health economics, and level 1 RCT data. Read the full article here:

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Clinical Evidence Supports Medical Necessity of Annular Repair Using Barricaid

Barricaid, the only FDA approved device proven to reduce disc reherniation, has reachedanother significant milestone. On June 23, 2021, Hayes published a comprehensive HealthTechnology Assessment (HTA) which complements the previously published positive HTAby ECRI. The Hayes assessment confirms that the Barricaid technology is founded upon asubstantial body of clinical and economic evidence. Implantation of Barricaid […]

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Spinal implant shown to reduce chance of disc reherniations – Becker’s Spine

A spine device that received FDA premarket approval has been shown to reduce the chance of disc herniations in patients who have already herniated a disc, The News Times reported July 13. The Barricaid implant, developed by Intrinsic Therapeutics, has a polyester flap to close the tear in the disc and a jagged anchor that inserts into […]

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Danbury doctor completes groundbreaking back surgery, first in CT

On a Thursday in mid-June, Dr. David Bomback scrubbed-in for surgery and prepared to do what no Connecticut surgeon had done before. He was performing a groundbreaking lower-back surgery on 36-year-old Joe Esposito, a physical therapist from Sandy Hook, to insert a new device that could help prevent Esposito’s spinal disk from re-herniating. The lower-back […]

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