If you have symptoms indicative of a lumbar herniated disc, or if you have been diagnosed with a lumbar disc herniation, you may be considering discectomy surgery with Barricaid as a treatment option.

      The Barricaid Physician Locator database includes U.S. surgeons who have been trained on the Barricaid procedure. Surgeons are listed based on their proximity to the patient’s location. Surgeons neither pay nor receive any fees in connection with their listing on this site and participation in the Barricaid Physician Locator database does not impose any obligations or requirements on the manner in which participating surgeons treat or provide services to patients. When choosing a surgeon, patients are encouraged to complete their own research, as surgeon choice is entirely at the discretion of the patient.

      Can’t find a Barricaid surgeon in your area? Download this Surgeon Discussion Guide that equips you with a set of questions to go over with your surgeon, and provides helpful Barricaid information to share with your doctor, so you can get the most out of your consultation.

      Surgeon Discussion Guide

      If Barricaid is right for you, we can help.

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