Hear from real patients and surgeons about their Barricaid experiences. As with any medical treatment, individual results may vary – and these experiences are specific to each patient and physician.

Please consult with a physician for complete information regarding the benefits and risks associated with the Barricaid procedure.

A Skier's Journey – Bryan's Story

Barricaid – A Climber’s Route to Recovery

Barricaid – A Climber’s Route to Recovery

Barricaid – A Physical Therapist’s Journey

Meet Joe, a 37-year-old physical therapist who suffered a disc herniation himself while treating a patient. After continued excruciating pain, Joe was treated with a microdiscectomy, had an easily identifiable annular defect, and received Barricaid to reduce his chance of a reoperation for reherniation by 81%. Joe was able to fully recover, is back to playing with his children, and is living a full, active life. In addition, Joe now treats Barricaid patients on their road to recovery! VID009 Rev. A For full benefit-risk information: www.barricaid.com/instructions.

Barricaid – A Fitness Instructor’s Story

Meet Suzanne, a 46-year-old mother and passionate fitness instructor. When she needed a discectomy for a debilitating lumbar disc herniation and sciatic pain, getting back to teaching and minimizing her risk of future problems were top priorities. That’s why she and her surgeon chose Barricaid to close the hole in the disc and reduce her risk of reoperation for reherniation by 81% after discectomy. This is her story.

Discectomy Surgery: What to Expect – Michael Smith, MD

Discectomy is the most common spine procedure. Neurosurgeon Michael Smith, MD describes its benefits and risks, and discusses how Barricaid is designed to prevent another disc herniation after surgery.

Ina’s Barricaid Story

Andreas’ Barricaid Story

Kim’s Barricaid Story

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