Beating the odds of reherniation

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The Barricaid Annular Closure Device is designed to prevent lumbar reherniation, leading to fewer reoperations and readmissions, and thereby helping to alleviate an unnecessary burden on the healthcare system.
A 30 minute weekly live educational webinar and Q&A by Founder Greg Lambrecht and Head of Research & Development Oscar Yeh, including:

• Unmet clinical need
• Barricaid design rationale

• Level I clinical results
• Q&A session

Greg Lambrecht
Founder & Executive Director

A trained scientist & experienced medical entrepreneur, Greg founded Intrinsic Therapeutics 20 years ago to deliver herniated disc patients like his mother a better solution.

Oscar Yeh, PhD
Vice President, Research & Development

Having evaluated Barricaid from the preclinical phase, Oscar has driven research efforts culminating in over 40 published papers on Randomized Clinical Trial data and FDA PMA approval.

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