VA Adds C9757 Code to 2021 Fee Schedule

Intrinsic Therapeutics is proud to announce that the US Veterans Administration (VA) has officially added the (Barricaid Implantation) HCPCS code C9757 to their 2021 national outpatient fee schedule – effective January 1, 2021.¹  The VA is the 2nd largest government-funded health insurance organization in the U.S. with approximately 9 million covered lives.

The Barricaid, a bone-anchored annular closure device designed to prevent reherniation and reoperation in a well-defined high-risk patient population has been shown to deliver significant long-term benefits to patients who suffer from lumbar disc herniation. Benefits include the opportunity to improve mission readiness by significantly decreasing chances for missed work, as well as potential reduction in disability classification and claims.²

With a standard payment level established at the US Veterans Administration – we look forward to further supporting our Veterans by providing all at-risk lumbar disc herniation patients access to this evidence-based treatment!

“We commend US Veterans Administration for adding HCPCS C9757 to their national fee schedule decision, providing its members with disability caused by a lumbar disc herniation an option to significantly reduce the risk of a repeat herniation and reoperation following their discectomy surgery, and with that an opportunity for earlier return to mission readiness,” stated Cary Hagan, CEO of Intrinsic Therapeutics.

For full benefit-risk:


²Klassen PD et al. Post-lumbar discectomy reoperations that are associated with poor clinical and socioeconomic outcomes can be reduced through use of a novel annular closure device: results from a 2-year randomized controlled trial. Clinic Economics and Outcomes Research 2018:10 349-357

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